Sunday, September 6, 2009


I've been a fan of Zombie's music and when Zombie released his first movie "House of 1000 Corpses" I rushed out to see it. I'm always a fan of demented movies and 1000 Corpses delivered, though I didn't enjoy the ending to it. Then came "The Devil's Rejects". The continuation of the family featured in 1000 Corpses. Absolutely loved it. When I first heard Zombie was going to do his take on "Halloween" I knew something demented this way comes.

I finally got around to see Rob Zombie's "Halloween 2". I was a fan of his incarnation of "Halloween" and was excited to see what kind of mayhem Zombie had in store for this movie.
Despite the bad press H2 is getting I actually enjoyed what Rob Zombie brought to the screen. Was it the Halloween we know and grew up with. No. This is Zombie's vision of the story. I thought Zombie did a good job setting up the character Michael Myers in the first "Halloween" and in part 2 we get to see a more brutal, and more vicious Michael Myers. He grunts and yells as he kills his victims and I thought this made the killings more brutal than before.

H2 sees most of the cast return. We have Zombie's wife Sheri Moon Zombie back as Deborah Myers, Michael's mom. She comes back this time in the form of a ghost. She is the driving force behind Michael to find his sister and finally bring the family back together. In a way this movie is one big messed up family reunion. Mommy Myers travels around with young Michael Myers and a white steed reminding Michael that the family needs to be back together.

Scout Taylor-Compton is back as Laurie Strode, the girl who's adoptive family was killed by Michael in the first movie and who shot and killed Michael. She has been taken in by Sheriff Lee Brackett played perfectly again by Brad Dourif. Some people may not only remember Brad[Dourif] from "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" and "Return of the King" but also
as the voice of the beloved Chucky from the "Child's Play" series.

Laurie is now living with the sheriff and his daughter Annie, her best friend from the first movie. Annie, herself is recovering from the wounds Michael Myers inflicted on her. Laurie keeps having vicious nightmares due to the murders and attacks of Michael Myers. All the while after an accident Michael Myers escapes and begins his killing spree while trying to get to Laurie to bring the family back together forever. Michael Myers of course is played again by Tyler Mane. I think Tyler[Mane] was a great choice to play the serial killer.

Malcolm McDowell reprises the role of Dr Samuel Loomis. I always love watching Malcolm McDowell on screen and in H2 he doesn't disappoint me. This time around Loomis is seen almost as a rock icon or superstar diva of the Psychology world. He's loving the spotlight and reaping the rewards from his book about Michael Myers and the lives he has taken. He's not a fan of the public or the Sheriff for that matter. We do get a nice cameo by Margo Kidder as Barbara Collier, the psychiatrist Laurie is seeing about the trouble she has been having with coping with the events from the Myers murders.

This movie I found was more brutal and vicious that the previous Halloween. Zombie adds an artistic flare to H2 with the ghost of Deborah Myers sequences. One thing I did find a little distracting was the huge amount of film grain used. The grain gives the movie a gritty look and feel but too much in dark scenes can be a big distraction and take you out of the scene. This is what I found happened with a lot of the dark scenes in H2. The grain just muddled out the darker scenes in the movie, sometimes to a point where you had a hard time seeing what was happening. The editing I found rather solid through out, though sometimes the way the dream sequences were intertwined I thought that it might lose some people that may not be paying attention to what is going on.

The movie does play with your mind and can be very jumpy at certain points in the movie. Zombie knows how to show us a mind f**k of a picture and with H2 has given us another one. While it may not be an original idea, then again not a lot of movies are. Zombie does deliver, at least I believe, a good vicious slasher flick that gets the job done. Is it his best work. No it's not, but for the genre he has chosen he has done good in my books.

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