Friday, July 22, 2011


We open in modern day, where the powers that be find good ol Cap frozen in ice. Jump to the 1940s. Sickly Steve Rogers, played perfectly by Chris Evans, is once again submitting his application to the US Army. Turned down again. His close friend Bucky Barnes tells him that he true calling is here away fro the war. This doesn't dishearten Steve and when he sets out to give it another go he is recognize and given a chance by Dr Abraham Erskine(Stanley Tucci) and as they say the rest is history.

Director Joe Johnston does an amazing job bringing Captain America to life on the big screen. I felt that he brought over a lot of the feeling he gave The Rocketeer and applied it to this movie. Johnston has some hits and misses but the one movie that stood out in my head was The Rocketeer, so I knew that I could trust oe to do Cap justice.

There have been many incarnations of Cap between the big screen and the small screen, all I have felt fell very flat. Once this movie starts it never lets go and you will never feel bored during this picture. What the writers and the director have done was able to pull Captain America right from the comic book pages and bring him to us on the big screen. They stay pretty true to the comics, making some adjustments here and there to make it adaptable as a movie. The relationship between Bucky and Steve is altered slightly and handled a little different than in the comics, but the way they handle it works well in the confines of the movie.

Hugo Weaving is absolutely amazing as the Red Skull. Once he reveals himself as the Red Skull my jaw dropped. He looked exactly like I expected. He plays the part well and makes the Skull one feared villan.

The look of the era is very authentic right down to the hair styles. Johnston really took his time and paid attention to the minute details of the time period. Costumers look great too and I loved how they even got the original Kirby shield in the movie. The effects were well done, with only a couple parts that looked a little spotty in a couple of areas, but fans will be pleased when Cap dons his costumer and starts slinging his shield.

Fans of Cap will not be disappointed with this film. This is one of the best super hero experiences I have had in the theatre. Oh and in case if any are wondering. Stay until after the credits for a surprise. You won't be disappointed. Is it May already? Bring on The Avengers!

I give this movie 5 out of 5. Definitely going to see it again.

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