Sunday, July 1, 2012


Behind a movie that brings huge eye candy to the ladies, we also have a very smart and well written story of a man just doing what he needs to do to get by and follow his dream of owning his own custom furniture business.

One may think of a movie based around male strippers to maybe somewhat shallow or somewhat useless, but MAGIC MIKE is neither.  Here we have a movie that may circulate around the art of male stripping but beneath it's clothing is a movie that has comedy, drama, romance, a little bit of everything and comes out being a very well rounded and enjoyable movie.

Written for the screen by Reid Carolin, his first screenplay for a major motion picture, MAGIC MIKE tells the story of Mike, a man who hold many jobs so he can save up money to get a loan to start a business.  Mike is not only a construction foreman and an entrepreneur, he is also at night, a male stripper.  Mike makes best friends with this guy named Adam who starts out as his work mate on the construction job.  Adam is living with his sister and is pretty much down on his luck.  Mike decides to take him under is wing and soon Adam becomes the newest member of the male stripper entourage lead by Dallas.  Mike's goal is to save up enough money so he can get the banks to give him a loan so he can start his own custom furniture business.  He has a knack for building things and he thinks the world needs a business where people can come and buy one of a kind furniture.  He loves to build things and is artistic and knows that is what he wants in life.  Things start to take a dark turn later on and Mike is forced to make some tough decisions.

Director Steven Soderberg brings to life these personified characters on screen.  He brings a different  tone to each character and in such each character is an individual with their own problems and life going on outside the world of stripping.  Always great with the camera Soderberg not only make these characters live and breath he also knows how to film dance.  The dance numbers are never boring and definitely will give the ladies something to fan themselves over between the story segments.  The movie is never boring and has a nice pacing to it, you never get dragged down with what is going on in the characters lives.  Soderberg also gets help from the great script by Carolin.  The dialogue flows and is believable and also helps give each character their own voice and feelings.  Everything just flows well and feels real.

Channing Tatum takes on the role as Mike. Before becoming an actor, Tatum had done work as a stripper and was able to bring some of what he knew to the table for the character of Mike.  Not a lot of people like Channing Tatum as an actor.  I think he is good actor and is definitely getting better with each role he is given.  He was absolutely hilarious recently in 21 Jumpstreet and Magic Mike shows that he has come a long way and not only has comedic timing down but is proving to be a very good dramatic actor.  I feel he didn't come off amateurish or cheesy, he came off natural and his performance felt real.

Matthew McConaughey plays Dallas, the man who runs the show.  He and Dallas are friends as well as business partners in this business.  Dallas wants to get the group bigger and leave Tampa for Miami because he knows that's where the big bucks are.  I've always loved McConaughey, he's always done a great job no matter what role he has played, and the role of Dallas is no exception.  He is in top form in MAGIC MIKE and shows what it's like to play with the big boys, no pun intended.  One of my favorite roles of McConaughey was the role of Brandon in the movie Two For the Money.  He is on a hot year this year with The Lincoln Lawyer behind him(probably his best role to date), Killer Joe coming up and now MAGIC MIKE.  He really knows how to play the friend who you can trust well that can turn on you in an instant.  Do we hear Oscar nod this year for him?  I think we may.

MAGIC MIKE has a great supporting cast with the likes of Oliva Munn, Alex Pettyfer, and Joe Manganiello.  Everyone does a great job with supporting each other in the movie and they all work off each other well.

Don't be afraid to take a night out and step into the world of stripping.  Like I said before underneath the clothes of the movie lies a really good story and is well worth the price of admission.

I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.  Not a cheesefest, not a stripperfest, just a really good time I think for both the ladies and the men who like movies.  Brings your singles ladies, because you just might need them.

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