Thursday, July 12, 2012


Welcome to my first DVD review.  Tonight we will be talking about the recently release of the movie SILENT HOUSE.  This movie is a remake of the foreign film La Casa Muda.  The film is presented in a unique one-cut continual shot through out the movie.  Does that style of film making work?  Well I feel it is a hit and miss and I will tell you later why I think so.

The story is pretty much about this girl named Sarah and she, her father and her Uncle are coming back to the summer house they used to live in every summer to clean it up and get ready for it to be sold.  As the day progresses Sarah starts to hear strange noises in the house and starts to think she see strange people walking  through the house.  When this starts to happen the movie starts to get a dark, creepy feel to it you start to wonder what Sarah is seeing is real or all in her head.

Elizabeth Olsen, sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley takes on the role of Sarah.  She gives a great performance in this film as a irl that is slowly breaking down and has become terrified with what is going on around her.  A lot of her performance is being scared and trying to figure a way out of the house to escape these "intruders".      It takes a good bit of acting to keep up the emotion she gives through out the whole performance and she pulls it off masterfully.  She definitely is the Olsen member of the family that has talent.  It is too bad that her wonderful performance will probably fall on deaf ears.

Adam Trese from Zodiac plays John, Sarah's father.  He's trying to get the house all cleaned up and finished so they can finally sell the place.   A decent job by Trese as the father.  He's not in a lot of the movie and does go missing early on in the movie.

Eric Sheffer Stevens(Julie & Julia) plays Peter the uncle.  Peter is there to help get the house ready but gets into a fight with John and ends up storming out not to be seen again until near the end of the movie.  Those  actors did a great job with the parts they were given, I felt that anyone could have played these characters, they were pretty interchangeable.

Directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau (Open Water) try and do a good job re-making this film but ultimately fail.  As great as the direction is and the tense building scenes go because of the film's real time continuous shot style, to me it just falls flat.  While I was taken in with it early on, as the film progressed I just got tired of the whole style and hoped there would be a big pay off at the end.  It did feel like you were in this girl's nightmare experiencing this ordeal with her and you wanted to get out of it, not because it was too scary or too horrible, but because it was just down right boring.  I think one thing that hindered it along the way is that it felt like it wanted to be one of many films, a horror film, psychological thriller, home invasion film.  The style just didn't mesh well and what we get is a nicely shot, well acted borefest.   I wanted to like this film because it drew me in quickly and had me hooked but later I just wanted to be done with it so I could go to bed.

One thing that got me is that the original came out in 2010. Was there really a need for a remake, no definitely not.  The original one didn't get great reviews when it was out so why bother even re-making it.  I wasn't too thrilled about Open Water, which also bored me because you knew where that one was headed. This one was a little harder to figure out, but by the time you start to figure things out you really just don't care.  If you do want to view this movie just wait for Netflix or the ever popular RedBox.  Don't waste too much money rushing out in seeing this.  I also felt at one point the actors and directors where having a laugh because people were actually watching the full movie.

I give this movie 2 stars out of 5.  Those stars are for the acting which was solid throughout the movie.  A movie that starts out with promise but ends in a tired fit of boredom. 

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