Sunday, August 12, 2012


Spaces usually are reserved for DVD and theatrical releases but once in a while something comes along so great and so fresh that it needs to be seen.  This isn't a blockbuster movie, or the next big DVD release, what this is, is a fan made, stop-motion movie based in the Dark Knight world.  Below I will post the link so you can watch all of the eye candy goodness the group known as Parabucks have made.

Here is the link to this fine piece of work:

Parabucks Co. directors Derek Kwok and Henri Wong have achieved a level of greatness with this all stop-motion Batman movie.  There is no dialogue, and not really a plot other that Batman is coming to the aid of Commissioner Gordon.  But that is the beauty of it, there doesn't have to be any dialogue or direct plot.  I have a feel this was made out of love for the Dark Knight and you can really see it in the details these people have taken to make this short movie. 

The toys used in the movie are from a toyline put out by Hot Toys, you can find them at .  They make very life like replicas of famous movie heroes.  They have the Dark Knight collection as well as The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Terminator.   They figures are top quality and really add to the look and feel of this piece of work.

One thing that really captured my eye was the smoothness of the action.  Usually with stop-motion there is always going to be some jerkiness in the way characters move and walk on screen.  With this movie, even though there are still a tiny bit of jerkiness it's never enough that it pulls you out of this 6 minute feature.  It is like these guys have stop motion down to a science, and for this to be their first attempt at stop motion I believe it's safe to say that they guys have hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to making something like this.

The short movie has a very polished look and feel to it. A lot of fan stop motion movies don't quite have the movie look to them and the come off as a littl cheap and fake, but not this one.  This one as the look of a very high-end profession movie.  From the effects in it, to the lighting, to the depth of field used with the camera(s), the look really is an eye catcher and you will be happy that you stayed to enjoy the view.

I can not say enough praise about this movie.  You can tell that a lot of hard work and effort has been put into this production and it really shows and shines through.  Even if you are not a Batman fan or a fan of stop  motion please check this short film out.  It is only a brief 6 minutes and change, but it is well worth it.  Technology has come a long way in film making today and I'm so glad that people like Parabucks Co. are doing what they do.  I hope they have something else like this up their sleeves.

If I were to rate this, I would definitely give it 5 stars out of 5.  This short blew me away.  Till next time my friends.

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