Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It's almost time for a big Blu-ray release this Tuesday August 14th.  When I say big I mean BIG.  We're talking about JAWS.  This has been a long time coming to Blu-ray but it's finally here in all it's high-definition glory.

Everyone knows the story of JAWS by now.  Great white shark starts terrorising the community of Amity.  People are not wanting to back into the waters in fear this shark will attack them and kill them.  A police chief, a marine scientist and an old fisherman head out to rid this community of the menace for good.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, JAWS was labelled as one of the scariest movies every made, striking fear into the audience members about the dangers of swimming in the ocean.  The story itself is a pretty average story, and in a way silly, but in the skilled hands of Spielberg and the terrific actors, they bring this story to life on the big screen and turn it into a couple of hours of terror.

When it was first released, at least in Canada it garnered the R rating, years have passed and the movie still stands the test of time but the rating was dropped to PG.  It's strange what years can do to a rating.  I guess socitey and views on certains have lightened a bit.  Still to this day thought JAWS is a pretty terrifying movie.  Another addition that adds to the tension and the horror is the perfect score by the great John Williams.  The man is a master of his craft and turned out a beautifully haunting score to compliment such a haunting movie.

The transfer of this on Blu-ray is simply breathtaking.  Spielberg was said to be hands on during the restoration process and it has turned out such a remarkable transfer.  Color timing throughout the feature has been done to close perfection, with the crew going through frame byu frame making sure the balance of colors was level throughout the movie.  This is probably one of the best transfers yet to Blu-ray.  Such a beautiful sight to behold.

The audio was handled just as well.  Fine attention to detailed was given to the audio transfer and the lossless audio 7.1 mix sound stunning coming through the sound system.  Kudos to all the people making this blu-ray possible.

I have to say JAWS has never looked or sounded so good.  I think it's time we got ourselves a bigger boat and set sail to Amity.  Definite pick up for all the JAWS fans out there, even if you have never seen JAWS before this Blu-ray is not to be missed.

I give this a 5 stars out of 5.  This is one Blu-ray that needs to be in everyone's collection.  Till next time my friends.

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