Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Another COMING SOON Review.  This time it is of the Found Footage genre and it is not one to be missed.  The premise is a sort of anthology of stories that are viewed on VHS.  This movie is set for a limited release in theatres in October of this year and on Demand coming up at the end of August.

The movie starts off with a group of guys video taping themselves smashing things and vandalizing property.  They are then off to find a girl so they can expose her breasts on video to put on the Internet.  This is how they make their money.  One of the guys in the group tells them about how they can make even more money, all they have to do is go to this house, break in and steal a single VHS tape.  The group of guys decide it's time to make some real case and take on this task, though things don't go quite as planned.

At the house they find it's deserted and seems rather empty.  On further investigation they find a room full of TV sets and a dead guy in the chair.  As the others go off to look for this VHS tape one of them stays back in the room with the dead guy.  There he  finds a VHS tape and begins to watch it.  This starts the anthology of various VHS tapes found.

This is directed by 8 people.  Each directing different segments of the movie..  The directors include Joe Swanberg, Ti West, the group called Radio Silence and others.  I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the Found Footage genre but these guys did a great job with bringing this one to the screen.  The directing in this is top notch and each segment is always from the camera perspective.  They really know how to build up tension in the scenes and bring on some pretty big scares, especially in the last segment.  I think this movie trumps any of the Found Footage movies out there and I found this one definitely scarier than any of the Paranormal Activity movies.

What I liked about this one is that where it is a found footage film you don't get that Hollywood camera feeling that leads you into the direction of the scares.  With this you never know what is going to happen and when the scares happen they are genuine and will creep you out.  All segments but one have a supernatural feel to them and they play very well on screen.  The element of surprise is at work in a big way in this film and will keep you guess as to what is going on.

The editing in this is spot on.  The editors have to give you the impression that this is being watched on a VHS tape and they use all their editing tricks with the frame droppage and static effects.  These are not just there as gimmicks but serve their purpose, very well I might add.  Kudos for the editors because editing can be an art form and takes good talent to edit properly and these editors have done that in spades.

I loved the whole feel to the movie.  I must say that some of the segments become very intense and very brutal at times have their fair share of gore.  I loved the fact that the gore wasn't digital.  It was well handled make-up effects which is something that is lacking in a lot of modern horror films today.

Even though the cast is made up of relatively unknowns I thought the acting was very well done for this style of movie.  The acting had a genuine feel and it never really felt amateurish.  All of the actors and actresses did a great job in this film and should be commended for a job well done.  Another thing that is missing from modern horror films, decent acting.

This is one of the best horror/found footage films I have seen in quite a while.  Like I was saying earlier, I'm not a real fan of the found footage movies, they usually are pretty lame and are not well executed.  With V/H/S  I have to say that I am definitely a fan of this one.  This is one film that will take you for a ride and chill you to the bone.   A very well made movie to add to the expanding found footage genre but a definite must see.

I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.  I really enjoyed this movie and I hope many will go see it in the theatres when it is out.  The only thing holding it back from a 5 star score was that it was a tad on the long side, other than that it will make for one heck of scary evening.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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