Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It's election time and the lead candidate is Cam Brady for the 2012 seat in congress.  He's the lead candidate because Cam yet again has no one running against him until the Motch brothers decide to put in Marty Huggins, a nice guy who is just being used as a front to get Cam out of office.

The movie overall is a pretty funny movie until the last part of the 3rd act when it starts to lose momentum.  There are tons of outrageous scenes in this film, some of which I wonder how they made it the past the censors.  This movie will more than likely offend more than a few people with the raunchy and some what racist style of humor.  Right from the start the movie had me in fits of laughter, and sometimes the occasional snort would ring loud, but it wasn't until that third act that my eyes started to become a little heavy.  Not because the last material was boring, it's just that typical style of comedy that sgtarts out gangbusters then loses steam at the end, which is too bad because for most of the time it is a hilarious comedy.  The is probably Will Ferrell's best role since Ron Burgandy of "Anchorman" fame.

Jay Roach, director of the Austin Powers movies and the Meet the Parents movies,except for the last one takes the helm in "The Campaign".  He does a decent job keeping the comedic hijinx coming at a frantic pace and also a decent job painting politics has a dirty cut throat job as well.  He knows how to bring out good performances out of his comedic actors and I'm sure there was some improv going on behind the camera as well.  Jay Roach with "The Campaign" shows he still has it for comedic directing on the big screen.

Will Ferrell plays the heel Cam Brady.  The man no one opposes, the man who wins every year until he meets Martin Huggins, the new candidate running against him.  Will is in top form in this movie and it's so great to see him back in this form.  It's been a while since I feel Will made a over the top funny movie but he was due for one and this movie is definitely it.  He shows his wacky antics in true form and this is probably one of his best performances on screen.

Martin Huggins, played by the always funny Zach Galifanakis, is brought in to run again the all mighty Cam Brady.  Martin is a timid, naive man who doesn't like to see bad in anything.  He seems at times he's in his own little fantasy world but that all changes the deeper he gets into the campaign.  Once he starts down that road nothing will get in his way.  Teamed with a creepy and take no prisoners campaign manager Martin is thrust into a world that he never thought he would ever be in...politics.  Zach gives another great performance playing Martin.  I always love Zach and find him hilarious at times, but as funny as he is I have a feeling he only plays one kind of character.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but teh comedic characters he plays all seem to act in very similar ways.  I know that's part of his persona but I would like to see a different style of comedic character written for Zach.  It was great to see him in the movie "It's Kind of a Funny Story".  I would like to see him in another role like that.  I do have to say though that Zach and Will make a great comedic pairing and I would definitely be on board to see them together in another movie.

Rounding out the cast is Dylan McDermott as the creep campaign manager who was great in this movie, thought not much screen time.  Jason Sudeikis who seemed a little toned down in this movie but great none the less.  In some scenes I felt like he was channelling Keifer Sutherland. I could almost see him as Jack Bauer type character.  John Lithgow and Dan Ackroyd play the villians businessmen, the Motch brothers.  It is them that get Martin Huggins to run against Cam.  They want to bring big factories to the tar hill state and employ chinese factory workers for slave wages.  Together Ackroyd and Lithgow not only make a good comedic pair, but a great scheming pair.  I'd love to see a short film on the background of these two brothers, to see their upbringings and what drove them to their evil ways.

If you are looking for a funny movie to pass a couple of hours then I'd have no problem recommending this one to see.  It is funny and deep down inside it has some heart too.  Though I would recommend going to it on a matinee showing and not full price.  Like I said, it is funny but does drag down in the last act.

I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.  This movie will have you laughing almost all the way to the bank before you decided to stop and grab a coffee and donut.  One of the years funnier movies, but one that could have been even more funnier.  Till next time my friends.

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