Thursday, August 9, 2012


Here we have a movie with absolutely no reedeming value.  We have a movie about passengers on a plane heading to New York before a massive snow storm rolls in.  One by one the passengers start to go missing.  Sounds like it could be a terrifying time at 33,000 feet, but this plane is in for a massive tail spin before even leaving the runway.

Starring Mark Hamill from "Star Wars" and "Batman"(voice of the Joker) fame, as Malcolm, head of air traffic control.  He is one day from retiring and comes by the office to see the boys.  Little does he know the night he is in for.  Now I like Mark Hamil.  He's not a leading man, but normally gives decent perfomances, especially when it comes to the Joker, but I have to say I think he may have picked the wrong movie to be in.  A lot of his lines are not only written poorly, but are also poorly delivered, which makes most of his dialogue come off corny and cheap.  Nothing noteworthy of this performance, which is pretty much forgettable.

Julian Glover from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and "Empire Strikes Back"(General Veers) plays George, one of the men responsible for bringing a crate on this plane.  This crate holds a vase that holds the soul of a great leader and he needs to get it to New York.  It was fun seeing him on screen but that's about it, yet another forgettable performance.

Bill Murray from "EastEnders" and most recenely "The Rise and Fall of the Whitecollar Hooligan" plays the heavy mob style boss Cutter.  He's a mean man and one you would not want to cross.  I love watching Bill Murray, he's so vocal and commands a presence on screen, as he does in this one.  He really brings life to this lifeless movie and probably gives the best performance out of everyone there.

Dominic Burns, director of "How to Stop Being a Loser" not only directs this movie but also acts in it.  He was laughable as Bob the geography teacher.  He looked like a bad actor from a cheesy dinner theatre in his big sports coat, which kept changing styles between scenes.  His directing wasn't much better.  He doesn't seem to have command of the scenes and the continuity of shots just don't add up alot of the time.  He set an odd pace to the movie which didn't help through the confusion of the characters emotions.  People are going missing but he directs the actors as if they are not even bothered about this missing passengers.  Everything just feels off and Burns really needed to step up to the plate to sort these things out.

I was glad when the movie ended.  Everything about it was just down right horrible.  From the badly paced editing, to the poor directing, the poorly written script, to the laughable acting.  I was excited to see this film, it seemed like a good premise and sounded interesting.  It had Murray, Hamill and Glover in it so I thought not a bad cast for this fun night at the movies.  I could not be further from the truth.

On top of everything going on in the film there were just so many errors made. One shot Bob has a dark coat on and in the immediately following shot he is back to a white coat.   Seriously sort this stuff out before releasing a movie.  The score was so out of place.  There were times when heavy drums would be beating but nothing big every happened.  The score at times was loud when it needed to be soft and soft when it needed life and to be loud.  Something else that should have been sorted before putting this movie.

This is a first for me and the site.  I give this movie 0 stars out of 5.  There is nothing in this movie, at least for me, that would warrant me to give at least half a star.  This movie is downright horrific in every sense of the word and should have stayed shelved.  Stay far away from this movie.  It will just waste your time.  Till next time  my friends.

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