Saturday, September 29, 2012


Imagine a hotel where all the great monsters of the past come to relax and get way from life and knowing that they are safe from all humans.  That is part of the backbone behind "Hotel Transylvania", the other is Dracula building this hotel to keep his daughter safe from the outside world.  As funny as this may seem to some, this movie is anything but.

I'm not going to go on too much about this movie, because frankly, there really isn't much to say about it.  There really isn't many laughs to the story itself, but rather laughs at random characters occupying about a couple seconds of screen time.  Two ones to watch out for are the Scream Cheese character and The Sponge.  Those seemed to get the biggest laughs from the audience.  This being a fun family movie, the theatre again had barely any bodies in seats.  This seems to becoming a trend lately with the movies.

Adam Sandler and his regular bunch of friends kick off the cast as the trying to be funny monsters.  Sandler as Dracula was just mind numbingly annoying, especially at the first of the movie.  I just wanted to rip my ears out and yell at him to SHUT UP.  If that was how Dracula would be if you were to meet him he would be more annoying of a vampire than Edward.  The only  monster that was even remotely funny was the Wolfman played by Boardwalk's own Steve Buscemi.  That character was probably the best realized of the bunch.  you feel a little sorry for the Wolfman becuase all he wants is just some time to relax and get some quite time in, but with a huge bunch of kids, that doesn't work out so well for him.  We also have Kevin James as Frankenstein, David Spade as the Invisible Man, Jon Lovitz as Quazimoto, and Molly Shannon as Wolfman's wife/  The cast is not great, but not bad all at the same time.  Selena Gomez does a decent job as Dracula's daughter Mavis, but I found Adam Samberg as Jonathan almost as equally irritating as Sandler's Dracula.

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, who is best know for directing the first "Clone Wars" show as well as other favorites such as Powderpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory.  He usually is good directing, fun animated shows, but for the big screen I feel that he fell flat.  I felt that there was very little Tartakovsky in the movie and more Sandler and friends, which I think was one of the big downfalls of the picture.  Though I really liked the hand animated scenes during the credits.  I think if Tartakovsky had better comedic actors in the roles it would have been a better movie, though I don't totally blame the actors.  A lot still falls on the writers.  A movie with too many writers usually suffers and this movie was no exception.  The movie needed to be tightened and it just barely had a running time of just over 1 hour and 30 minutes, the movie could have used some trimming to being the running time down.

The CG is solid in the movie and the 3D worked very well.  It never felt gimmicky and really helped bringing depth to a lot of the scenes.  Overall the movie looked great, it just wasn't executed well at all.

I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.  I didn't totally hate it, just didn't enjoy it like I was expecting to.  I think it's a fun idea having the monsters we know and love being funny, but for this to work they actually need to be funny, not trying to be funny.  Don't waste your money in the theatres on this one.  You would be better off keeping this one to a rental or streaming service.  It's not a movie that needs to be rushed out and seen at the theatres, especially with the 14.00 dollar per ticket price tag.  With all the good movies opening up this weekend, this is one that can be missed, but if you have children and they really want to see it, wait for a matinee and take in the regular version not the 3D.  The 3D looked nice but won't ruin the movie if you see it without 3D.  Till next time my friends.

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