Sunday, September 23, 2012


When an explosive action movie hits it usually gets brought down by the same old things, bad dialogue, cheesy acting, no story. Well an explosive action movie hit the box office this weekend  and it failed, but the funny thing is that it failed for reasons one can't really explain.  It had a good story, solid acting, beautiful cinematography, tight and concise directing and editing, a pumping soundtrack, and high end action sequences paced beautifully throughout the picture.  The question that goes through my head is what did this movie fail?  The movie in question is "Dredd"

To my surprise "Dredd" brought in only 6.3 million on the weekend giving it an opening of 6th spot. A comic book movie critics loved, a proper adaptation of the source material of Judge Dredd, yet no one went to see it. So where were all the males this weekend? If you live in Windsor probably at the Hants County Ex. I really hope that R rated action movies are the thing of the past.  I have a feeling that a little had to do with the R rating the movie was given, and it earned it's R rating in spades.  Years ago people would clamor to see a R rated movie.  When a movie got an R rating people took notice and wondered what could be so bad that it the movie was giving that rating.  Kids used to sneak into R rated movies just to catch a glimpse of a breast or a guy getting his limbs hacked off.  It seems the R rating is almost like giving a movie an NC-17 rating.  The last few R rated movies I have gone to have less and less people in the seats, which in turn makes me thing where are all the adults?

I'm wonde
ring if the studio cut the film to get a PG-13 rating would it have gotten a bigger audience? I am in no way a fan of cutting films to get a wider audience and I hate it when film makers do that, but it's starting to make me wonder.  I know a PG-13 cut of a film would get more people in seats, but the last time I checked a lot of adults go to the cinema too.  This is a hardcore action thriller.  Guys should be flocking to this, but apparently they are not.  My wife and I saw "Dredd" opening night and including us there were eleven people in the cinema, ELEVEN!  This made me start to wonder if people actually knew this movie was out, though I have been seeing advertisements for it everywhere.  The trailers on TV do not do this movie justice, especially with the song choice used.  It's not just this movie I worry about, it's movies in general.

I'm hoping word of mouth gets out and viewings of Dredd pic up because I think Dredd has been properly done this time and is a great start to what could be a great franchise.  I am also hoping the R rated film is not dead, or at least not dying.  In a world where everything needs to be PC and toned down and filtered, I hope that the integrity of film can stay in tact, no matter how bad, how rough, or how sexy a film is, don't try to make it watered down version just to fill seats.  Don't pander to us, just give it to us how it was intended to be.  I hope this doesn't spell the end of the R, and the full rise of the PG-13.

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