Wednesday, August 12, 2015


2.5 out of 5

Who doesn't love a good horror flick?  For me it's a lot of fun to be scared in a movie or video game setting.  I've always loved horror movies and I jump at a chance to see one I haven't seen before.  Last night it was "Exeter".  Did it scare me or make me want to turn it off out of boredom?

I loved the harsh setup of "Exeter".  We start off with a lady committing suicide and then go into a history of the the asylum for children.  I loved how strong of an opening it was and the harsh backstory of this asylum.  This really felt like a horror movie I could sink my teeth into.

The movie which was actually entitled "Backmask" was directed by Marcus Nispel.  He was responsible for directing the "Friday the 13th" reboot, "Conan the Barbarian" reboot and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" reboot.  As much as I liked The Teaxs Chainsaw reboot and at times the Friday the 13th reboot, I was not fond of his Conan the Barbarian.  So where this was a horror film I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

He does a good job at keeping things atmosphere in the movie.  It feels like a good ol 80's 90's style horror.  You got the young adults, partying in an old run down asylum.  What could go wrong theme of throwback horror.

Stephen Lang (Avatar) plays Father Conway.  He was the priest that is mentioned in the backstory of the asylum and is now in charge of a group that is clearing out the run down property so they can open up a youth centre inside this old building.  He isn't on screen for too long and does a decent job with the role he was given.  Lang has always been to be me a decent character actor and was cast well for this role.

Kelly Blatz (Prom Night) plays Patrick, the young man that is leading the cleanup crew, getting this place ready for renovations.  Nick Nicotera plays Patrick's best friend Brian and is responsible for getting the party started at the asylum.

After the party when the group tries a levitation spell on Rory (Michael Ormsby), he becomes possessed.  This is where things start to go awry and downhill.

The first part of the possession was intense and at times scary.  It made me jump a few times and also had my heart racing a bit in certain scenes. But as the movie went on, it became more and more of chore to watch.  It became more predictable, the scares weren't coming often enough and by the ending your investment in the movie wavers.

I think what brings the movie to this point was the very uneven editing.  The editing is all over the place, jumping here and there and at times can make the movie disorienting, leaving you wondering how we got from point A to point C without first paying a visit to point B.   For this movie there were just too many people in the editing booth.  I think with a better pacing from editing would have helped this movie greatly.

The effects were well done for the type of budget this movie had.  The gore seemed realistic, which is something I look for when gore involved.  The makeup effects for the possessed boy were done well and fitted the movie style.  I have to give them props for those sections of the movie.

Overall it's not a bad film just not one I would want to sit through again.  It does have it's moments and may make for a decent showing on Halloween.  The movie does pull you in from the beginning but because of editing issues I feel it slowly deflates over the course of the running time.  If you like horror and have a chance to see it, give it a whirl you might enjoy it.  I can't fully recommend it but that's not to say that you the viewer may think differently.  I give this movie 2.5 out of 5.

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