Sunday, August 9, 2015


2 out of 5

As long as I can remember I have always been a fan of the first "Vacation" movie starring Chevy Chase.  It was funny and I had a lot of fun watching it.  The same goes for "Christmas Vacation".  Here we are in 2015 and we are graced with a new, slicker "Vacation"  Notice how National Lampoons name is nowhere to be seen on the poster.  How does this movie stack up?  Let's read on.

I was already bracing myself for one terrible movie and for the most part that's how the night went.  Now before we begin, this isn't a remake or a re-imaging of the original.  It is it's own movie and tells the story of Rusty Griswald all grown up with a family of his own.  Rusty decides that for the family vacation this year, he will take his family on a cross country road trip to Walley World just like his father did when he was young.

Ed Helms takes on the role of Rusty and Christina Applegate plays his wife.  Both the leads try their best to put on a happy face and for the most part do a good job with what they are given.

John Francis Daley helms the movie as the director and this is his first major motion picture.  For his picture he didn't do bad though there were a lot of missed opportunities throughout the movie.  Nothing ever really takes you to that milk coming out your nose laughing experience and that slowly starts to wear you down throughout the movie.

Comedy is a fickle beast at times where somethings work and somethings don't.  In those types of movies and shows the working elements should outweigh the non working parts, but in the case of "Vacation" they do not.  I found only two or three moments where I roared with laughter out loud and most of the time just a slight chuckle would emerge.  This makes for a very dull outing for a comedy movie which should be brimming with jokes.

One of the main writers on this movie is Jonathan M. Goldstein, he crafted "Horrible Bosses" and "Horrible Bosses 2" as well as the movie "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone".  I really enjoyed the first "Horrible Bosses" and thought that some of that comedy would rub off and maybe make "Vacation" a better experience that I was expecting.  Unfortunately it didn't.

A highlight in the movie was that you get to see Beverly D'Angelo and Chevy Chase both reprise Ellen and Charles Griswold (Rusty's Parents).  I feel they were thrown in the movie just for a way to connect it back to the original.

The movie itself just falls flat.  It's overly long, or at least felt that way because of the lack of humor and even it wasn't part of the Vacation family doesn't stand up well as a stand alone movie.  the showing I was at most of the people there were leaving throughout the movie and that never is a good sign.  What worries me as well is the main writer on this is also penning a yet untitled Spiderman reboot.

The movie needed to be tightened up by reeling some of the jokes back from running on too long.  This could have gave the movie a more brisk feel to it and moved it a long faster.  Is it worth going to the cinema to see it?  I don't think so.  Another wait for VOD or Netflix.  I ended giving "Vacation" 2 out of 5.

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