Tuesday, September 8, 2015


5.0 out of 5

Every once in a while a movie comes out and makes you stand up and tack notice.  In a world of tent pole block busters and nigh octane visual feasts a movie comes a long and slows the pace down.  This movie is The Age of Adaline.

The story is simple.  A lady is in an accident, as she lays dying in a lake she is struck by lightning, forever changing her life.  This life changing event stops her aging and forever she is destined to never full love and live as life around her slowly passes her by.

Director Lee Toland Krieger (The Vicious Kind) takes full command in this story of life, love and sadness and what life could be like if one was to stop aging.  His work with the camera was tremendous.  Taking his time to draw you into a scene and tell a story.  Lee has a talented eye when it comes to getting great performances out of his actors and shows that he has the chops to director such a powerful story and hold your interest through the entire emotional journey.  Maybe an Oscar nod in his future from this this film, although it may have been released a little too early to be considered.

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) proves with her portrayal of Adaline that she can be a very talented actress.  Her performance in this film will bring you to tears.  She could have been over the top in her dramatic performance but she chose to go the subtle route and it really pays off.  She did very well in Gossip Girl and was astounding in The Town.  The Age of Adaline is a movie that really shows the progression of talent Blake has.  Her performance really pulls you into the character and brings you a long for her emotional journey throughout the years.

Ellis Jones, Adaline's love interest is played by Game of Thrones Michael Huisman to perfection.  He's a philanthropist who beings to fall in love with Adaline after meeting her in an elevator on New Year's Eve.  He's charming , brilliant, fun and caring and all these aspects are brought to life by Huisman's top notch performance.  You really feel for him and the struggle he goes through as he tries to come to term with why Adaline won't let him in.

Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn, Kathy Baker all also have top rate performances, especially Harrison Ford.  As of late hasn't had a good run with his performances on screen but he's back in top form as a man who is conflicted when he finally meets his son's Ellis' new girlfriend.  A very touching performance by Ford and glad to see he still can do a dramatic role justice.

The writing is very strong and never seems cliched or over dramtic.  It's warm, strong, touching and sad at times, tugging at your heart strings when need be.  I also like the fact they included a narrator who comes in and out at certain times in the movie.  It's a different touch and is one that sets this film apart from others.

Overall this is one movie that shouldn't be missed.  it's not your typical blockbuster and it's not yhour typical romantic movie.  If I would have to label it, maybe sci-fi drama.  It's set in the real world during real times, but with a small glint of science fiction.  I couldn't find fault in the performances, directing, editing or even story telling.  Definitely one of the best of the year by far.  I highly recommend this film.  An easy 5.0 out of 5.  Call me crazy but I absolutely loved this movie.

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